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Agriculture has been recognized as the foundation of every nation's life, human welfare and economic development. Throughout history, agriculture has been one of the main factors in the creation, development and sustainability of a civilization. A good Improved seed is an important factor in the success of agricultural development so that product can be easily doubled or increased by substitution of seed under equal conditions, while the cost of seed will not be more than 5% of whole production.

Jaliz Dasht Kimiya Company with over twenty years of experience in agricultural business was founded by the sixth generation of a farmer family. With the help of our experience, background and skilled experts we have always tried our best to provide the best services to our dear farmers in Iran.

Jaliz Dasht Kimia Company, with having several research greenhouses,research fields and experts in different parts of Iran, has always been at the forefront of supplying and producing the best modified seeds from the most prestigious seed production companies in the world and providing them to farmers.

Jaliz Dasht Kimia Company also serves Iranian farmers by supplying and distributing other agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides and agricultural machinery.

Due to the water shortage crisis in Iran, we decided to play our role and task in reducing and controlling this crisis by establishing irrigation department and importing different types of irrigation systems in accordance with world standards.

Jaliz Dasht Kimia Company has exported different agricultural products to Azerbaijan،Russia ،UAE ،Oman،Iraq،India,Afghanistan ،Turkmenistan and Pakistan.



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