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Pepper Seeds

Pepper is a very tasty vegetable that we use in almost all foods and foods. Pepper is available in all kinds of sweet, spicy, chili, white, yellow, orange, red, green, purple and even brown.


1. California Wonder

Physical features

 with 3 to 4 loops, smooth and uniform fruits, strong and standing bushes, with a volume of foliage suitable for fruit preservation.

Variety features

 High Performance Thick-walled California Render Wonder is rich in dark green, enriched with red, a leading choice for the fresh-baked market and industrial uses.

 Plant Resistance

 Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and potato Y virus.


2. Singer hybrid chili pepper seeds/ US Agriseeds

* Strong bush with suitable foliage

 A 16 to 20 cm long wall with a thick wall

 * Very spicy taste

 * Similarity to fruits

 * Suitable for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation

 * Glossy dark green fruit color and suitable for export

 * intermediate resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, bacterial wilt and phytophthora blight.


3. Hybrid tango pepper seeds

 * Medium clay figure

 * Optimal fruiting

 * Spicy chubby fruit 15 to 18 cm long

 * Strong foliage with proper shrubs

 * Similarity to fruits

 * Dark green to red fruit (if planted)

 * intermediate resistance to tomato stain wilt virus.


4. Hybrid pepper seeds : Lumos/ syngenta

 * Attractive yellow bell pepper, suitable for growing in the greenhouse

 * Has a strong and highly tolerant plant with high tolerance in cold conditions and excellent fruit formation in the heat

 * Large fruit approximately 10 x 10 cm in size and average weight of 250 grams, with a thick and firm wall with high uniformity and resistant to cracking.


 5. Vergasa Hybrid bell pepper seed / syngenta 

 * Red bell pepper suitable for greenhouse

 * Strong plant with high tolerance in hot and cold and productive conditions

 * Medium to large fruit approximately 8 * 8 cm with an average weight of 200 g, high uniformity of shape and size, thick wall with good stiffness

 * intermediate resistance to tobacco mosaic virus, potato virus, tomato wilt virus.

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