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  • Free Consultation by Experts of JDK Company

    Free Consultation by Experts of JDK Company

    Contact our consultants for free consultation on planting and harvesting.

    Greenhouse cultivation and planting consultant:

    Mr. Mohsen Barezi:

    Contact Number: +98 912 517 0239

    Plant Pathology advice:

    Mr. Hamid Mashayekhi:

    Contact Number: +98 919 150 8971

  • Greenhouse Cultivatioon Advice

    Greenhouse Cultivatioon Advice

    Our experienced engineers are always in the service of the agricultural community, giving professional advices about the design, construction and implementation of a variety of classic, semi-modern and hydroponic greenhouses.

    Contact for more information:

    Email Adress:

    Contact Number: +98 912 937 5213

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